Technical Difficulties

Jesus came before this great age of technology.  I believe this is an example of God’s divine wisdom.  Technology is great when it works the way it is suppose to work.  But, every now and then it does strange things that one just cannot explain.  For instances, this past Sunday even though I could hear Pastor loud and clear, the computer did not.  We checked all the connections when we discovered the recording was basically a flat line of audio.  Everything from the sound board to the back of the computer looked just fine.  I saved the file anyway and transferred it to a jump drive and tried playing it on another computer.  The sound was there, but just barely, not loud enough to post on the web page.  Hopefully we will figure out what the issue is before next Sunday.  If you live locally and enjoy Pastor Gandy’s messages on-line, you may just want to attend in person so you don’t miss his next sermon.



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