Setting Aside God’s Grace

What is your conscience telling you?

This Sunday, Senior Pastor Dr. Eddie Gandy talks about our consciences and how not to get them seared, how to know how to pray and how the Holy Spirit intercedes for us.

Below is a copy of the sermon that you can listen to as well as notes about which verses are being discussed. Included in the notes are Bible links so that you can follow along.

Message: Setting Aside God’s Grace.

Text: Galatians 2:20-21 

I. Grace and the lost/unsaved.

II. Cautions for the believer:

1. Conscience convicts: John 8:9

2. It accuses and excuses: Romans 2:15

3. Bears witness with the Holy Spirit: Romans 9:1 

4. The weak conscience: I Corinthians 8:7-12

5. Faith and pure conscience:  I Timothy 1:19; 3:9

6. The seared conscience:  I Timothy 4:1-2

7. Lifestyle and conscience:  Titus 1:15

8. Work of the Holy Spirit:  Hebrews 8:13-14 

III. The great truths:

1. Romans 8:26-27: The Holy Spirit. 

2. Romans 8:34: The Risen Christ.

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