Guest Speaker

Sunday, August 9, First Baptist Church of Spring Hill will host a guest speaker from the International Mission Board, who will be sharing his missionary experiences with us.  

The International Mission Board (IMB) helps finance the missionaries who go around the world to share the Gospel message.  Part of the money we donate each week to our local church goes to the Florida Baptist Convention Cooperative Program, who donates part of the proceeds it receives from the Baptist churches throughout Florida to the IMB. When the Lottie Moon collection is done at Christmas time, all of those funds go to IMB.  Last year alone, $13,216,042 was raised through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon collection. 

How was this money used?

  • 13,898 churches were planted overseas.
  • 3692 IMB missionaries were helped.
  • 847 people groups engagement with the IMB personnel.
  • 18,428 Pastors were trained overseas. 

But, there are still 3176 people groups that need to be reached.  

Unfortunately, missionaries can face risks in the regions they serve, so for security reasons, we will not be posting this weeks service; however, our Pastor will pre-record a message to be shown during our regular service time slot on Sunday.

Thank you.

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