Not so Different

This Sunday, Senior Pastor Dr. Eddie Gandy asks us just how different the saved are from the lost and unsaved? Were it not for Jesus, there would be little or no difference. Both lost and saved can do good and bad things.

Below is prerecorded video and audio of the sermon along with links to the verses that are being discussed.

TEXT – i pETER 1:22-25

I. It begins with God’s Word I Peter 1:22-25

A. Purified Soul

B. Purified through the power of the Holy Spirit

C. Transformation

II. The Man DifferenceI Peter 2:1-7

III. The God DifferenceI Peter 2:9-10

A. Chosen Generation – John 15:16

B. Royal Priesthood

C. Holy

D. Special People

Conclusion: The Choice is Ours

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A list of ideas for items to go into the box is on the table, in front of the box. Please feel free to take one to serve as a guideline for what you donate. Please remember, the item needs to fit in the shoebox! (Box size- 11 ½ in. long, 6 ¾ in. wide,
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