Covid-19 Precautions

These are confusing times for many people but, Don’t Panic! God’s got this, really. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still err on the side of caution and precaution though.

As of this weekend, we are not changing our regular Sunday worship schedule; however, will only have our 10:30 am service and we do ask for the following:

There will be no small groups and the schedule for Wednesday is pending. This schedule change is effective for the next two weeks and/or until further notice.

Other schedule changes that should be noted are as follows:

Food Pantry – Cancelled.

Monthly Pot Luck – Cancelled.

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt – Cancelled.

Some of you may be wondering how you’ll get some of your necessities and other items. Currently, most Hernando County residents have access to grocery home delivery service and grocery pickup. Here are some details about two of the services offered in our area:

Instacart for Publix can be downloaded on your mobile phone or tablet here:

iOS (apple) – Instacart App – iTunes Store

Android – Instacart app on Google Play

Or accessed via website: Publix on Instacart

Walmart Pickup can be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet here:

iOS (apple) – Walmart Pickup App – iTunes Store

Android – Walmart Pickup App on Google Play

Or accessed via website: Walmart Pickup

Neither service will force you to tip; however, it is suggested, especially for Instacart, as they personally do all the shopping for you and do not get paid by the stores.

Now then, there has been a lot if information circulating in the media and on social media. Some of it is true, some of it isn’t. Some of it is sensationalized while some might downplayed. It’s hard to tell these days. Below will be some resources that can hopefully help clear things up.

First of all, here is the CDC website’s information on Covid-19 (coronavirus): . There you can find how to prepare, how to protect, what to do if you feel sick and lots of other helpful information.

Here is a helpful illustration from the WHO on how to properly wash your hands:

The WHO (World Health Organization) also has a helpful website that gives information on the world impact of Covid-19. Their Covid-19 information can be found here:

These last three links are for Florida and Hernando County residents. You can find County and State announcements and see how the virus is impacting our area. They can be found here:

Florida Health:

Hernando County Health Department:

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office:

We encourage you to continue your giving to the Church as God lays it on your heart. Most of all, please remember to pray and know that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. As a church, we are here for you so do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service in any way. Be sure to stay safe out there.

If you need to speak with someone from the Church, please feel free to use our contact page or call us at 3526832863.

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Thank you and God Bless.