This Sunday, Senior Pastor Dr. Eddie Gandy discusses the accumulation of material things and explains that our value is not found in what we put on our body but who lives inside our body. He talks about taking care of each day one at a time and getting past the past. He also reminds us that today is the day you have to let the past go and trust the future to God. And, that you can’t let the past eat you up because satan wants you to be in turmoil and stress. He wants you to be divided.

Below is prerecorded video and audio of this past Sunday’s sermon along with links to the verses that are being discussed.

Text: James 4:13-17

I. The World’s Call: James 4:13; Romans 8:5-8

II. Reality Check: James 4:14

III. The Other Life: James 4:15; Romans 8:9-11

IV. Self-Justification: James 4:16

V. The Bottom Line: James 4:17

Conclusion: Romans 7:18-25

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