Youth Ministry

Our goal at First Baptist Spring Hill youth is to teach and equip our youth with the knowledge and power of God.  We want our youth to know the Truth and be able to live out that truth while sharing it with their friends. 

We do this, by providing a place for them to explore their faith and ask questions for a better understanding of who God is and how He impacts our lives.  As a church, we recognize that the youth are the future of the church and have made it a priority to focus on their spiritual growth.

For our children in 5th grade and under, we use a program called 252 Kids.  This program strives to bring together the Word of God and the love from home to teach children about God and biblical truths.  This is done using an audio visual presentation every Sunday during service that is engaging an entertaining.  The bible story is told with an interactive short movie called “the so & so show.”There is 1 biblical truth focused every week and a main concept every month.  There is also a memory verse every month to help keep God’s word hidden in their heart.

For our youth grades 6-12, we use a combination of materials based on the needs and wants of the youth.  Our base studies come from Lifeway’s Gospel project primarily.  We have also done book study sessions and devotionals. 

We want to encourage an open and honest dialogue with our youth to be able to grow their understanding and comprehension of God’s word.  Our youth program on Wednesday nights is designed to be an engaging discussion on topics and themes that they will be exposed to on a daily basis.  We want to teach our children and youth in the way they should go, so that as they grow older, they will know that God will always be there for them.